Hi, Cheri* here...

You have probably seen me on the new hit Showtime TV Show:
 "Polyamory: Married and Dating" (S01E05) with my friends Kamala Devi, Jennifer, Michael and Tahl together with our new friends Lindsey, Vanessa and Anthony in San Diego, California.

If you enjoyed the episode, I'd love to stay in contact. I'm also writing a book** about my exploration into this "relationship evolution", and would love to send you a free copy once it's finished... simply sign up for my email list below and we'll be connected and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Once you click the link in this email  you'll immediately receive a photo of me with the stars and a sample of the first chapter of my book.

(If you don't get an email from me, please check your SPAM/TRASH incase it went there.)




*My name is Cheri (sometimes spelled Cherie, Cherey, Sheri, Sherie or Sherey), and I featured in Epidsode 5 of Season 1 of the show "Polyamory: Married and Dating" which aired on the 9th of August 2012 on Showtime. Here is a link to the teaser: http://www.sho.com/sho/polyamory-married-and-dating/season/1/episode/5#/index
And here is the Show's facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PolyamoryOnShowtime

**My book is called: The Smile on My Face
A Self Inquiry of Bliss and an Exploration of the Relationship Evolution.
I'll be sending out chapters as they become available!

Links to the stars: Kamala Devi: http://www.kamaladevi.com/ , Tahl: http://www.tahlgruer.com/ , Michael: http://www.polyamorymichael.com/ .

See if you spot me in this preview:




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